Reach out to your neighbourhood! Have a guest spot in the movie!

Sponsorship opportunities are on a first come commitment basis to organizations that Aaron Peters believes support the objects and purpose of the film production and with whom a formal relationship would prove mutually beneficial. Aaron Peters reserves the right and has final authority for acceptance of any and all sponsorship arrangements.


  • Provide, upon request, company background information, logos, pictures, and give permission to Aaron Peters to use these for any and all marketing opportunities for the film project.
  • Sponsorship fees need to be received with the completed sponsorship application form, otherwise sponsorship opportunity cannot be guaranteed.
  • Aaron Peters will film the exterior and interior of the building that the organization now occupies and this footage will appear in the online (i.e. youtube.com, facebook.com) versions of the film production for a period of 6 months.
  • At the end of the term, Aaron Peters will delete the film from appearing online. Subsequent versions of the film production that may appear online will no longer have the organization included within the film, except in the case where we have agreed to further sponsorship of the film at which time another sponsorship agreement will be entered into and fees assigned.


1 minute of screen time during film production @ $50.00 per minute.