FansMagnetic.TV is an independent creative agency passionate about making the world a better place. We are creative solvers, thinkers and doers that you may find you have trouble understanding at first, because not only do we have our eggs in many baskets, but they are eggs you’ve never seen before! Our tools: Film, music, photography, social media & our daring, creative, minds. We don’t wait for the client to come to us, we go to the client with creative consultation. We watch the marketing trends, then offer you a solution you’ve never considered.

Ang&AaronFansMagnetic.TV is the combined effort of Film Maker/Producer/Director/Editor/Musician, Aaron Peters, and Music Blogger/Photographer/Promoter, Angela R. Campbell

Music Promotion, Photography and Site Manager: Angela R Campbell FansMagneticTV@gmail.com
Film Projects & Studio Rehearsal/Recording: Aaron Peters (204) 807-0540 brownjovi@yahoo.com


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