Music promotion, photography and site manager: Angela R Campbell FansMagneticTV@gmail.com
Studio rehearsal/recording & film projects: Aaron Peters (204) 807-0540 brownjovi@yahoo.com

FansMagnetic.TV is the combined effort of Film Maker/Producer/Director/Editor/Musician, Aaron Peters, and Music Blogger/Photographer/Promoter, Angela R. Campbell, to bring together a network of artists in Canada. Through their Winnipeg based recording and production studio and their many connections to artists across the country, Peters and Campbell are able to create online content in both the written word and audio visual media that both entertains, informs and supports the indie art scene in the country. The site is like a magazine, a reality show, music television and an online store all in one. It’s like the new wave of variety show, where artists, who otherwise are hard pressed to reach their audience, can be presented.

FansMagnetic.TV uses a combination of social media, live events, street promotion and word of mouth networking to deliver music, film and art. Every time FansMagnetic.TV promotes another artist or releases another film, the site’s reach grows.