Winnipeg Rock

In 2011, Aaron Peters brought together 12 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, bands to create the independent hour long documentary, WINNIPEG ROCKS. WINNIPEG ROCKS was screened in Park Theatre, and then on the 2,000 square foot screen at IMAX in Winnipeg. Each band performs one song live off the floor. Camera, editing, directing, sound engineering and mixing all by Aaron Peters. A one man show. The movie has since been posted to Youtube, and the individual live off the floor audio and video recording was given as a gift to each band that participated. The sole purpose of the movie was to illustrate Peters unique style as a filmmaker, and his support and promotion of independent music.

Juniper Drive
Gary Gach and the Band
Five Hundred Pound Furnace
Wallace Avenue
Giving In
High Class Low Lifes
Trouser Mouth
Holy Rollers
Louis’ Last Stand

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