BOBCATZ – What breaks Bob’s heart?

Bob Giffen spoke with FansMagnetic.TV about his start in music, his feelings on the Winnipeg music scene and his cover band, BOBCATZ.

Giffen started singing rock and roll and funk music when he was 14 years old, in the little Ontario farming town of Strathroy. He said there was nothing to do all summer but walk the streets and go fishing, so he auditioned in a barn with his buddies and sang SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS’ Little Red Riding Hood, and he’s been singing ever since. Giffen is a long time member of the Winnipeg music scene.

Regarding VLTs

We asked Giffen his feeling about VLTs (video lottery terminals) in bars, and he’s not a fan.

“Without VLT’s, there would be a lot of human beings who would still have money in their pockets…There are really good people out there losing their livelihood because of these stupid machines, and instead of listening to really good rock and roll, or whatever kind of music, country or whatever it is, they’re spending all their time doing that, and to me, you know, I have a broken heart over that. I really do.” Bob Giffen

What sort of music does BOBCATZ cover?

Giffen says BOBCATZ is focused on getting people on the dance floor. That’s why they cover songs like Play That Funky Music (see below the video recorded in the FansMagnetic.TV studio), Surrender (CHEAP TRICK) and  Tush (ZZTOP).

Check out the latest addition of the FansMagentic.TV 2016 Event Calendar for upcoming gigs with BOBCATZ.

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