Drummer for THE HEALTHY STROKES takes a spin on our drum riser!

Saulteaux Scene has been on facebook for a few months now. We’ve been inviting drummers from around Winnipeg to come in and take a spin on our drum riser. Katy came down and took one such spin. It was nice to meet her and Josh from The Healthy Strokes. They liked the studio space. As Katy positioned herself behind the kit, I set up the cameras. I wasn’t sure that she really knew what to make of any of this. Drummers are used to sitting and not moving. This was not going to be the case today for Katy, she was going to be spun around the studio as she played. I’m never sure what anyone will think because it’s just not a regular thing for any drummer to be able to move while playing. Please enjoy this video we produced of Katy’s visit to our studio. We call these: “Drum Rides with Aaron Peters”. So far we have had 6 amazing drummers in to film with our drum riser. One guy came from Montreal, another from Edmonton. Ivo, is the drummer from local band, Five Hundred Pound Furnace. He has been instrumental in bringing us drummers to film. Actually…come to think of it, Five Hundred Pound Furnace were one of the first bands I ever filmed here in Winnipeg. That was 5 years ago! Time flies. Enjoy our video and check out both these bands. Rock On, More Drum rides to come!

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