June Killing Stones

It’s  funny when there are two or more people in a band that share the same name. Josh and Josh from June Killing Stones had fun showing their comedic side. I, of course was happy to throw down with them in that arena during our interview with the band. Back in the old days of muchmusic I would enjoy a good interview segment when a band would show up on that channel. But I was overall pretty damn bored most times so I like to spice things up when I talk to bands. After all, we’re not really beholden to anyone when we produce our stuff here at Fansmagnetic.tv and no one will lose their job if we get a little racy here and there with our discussions. It’s the internet, let loose a little.  This talk with June Killing Stone is a prime example of this loosey goosey-ness. We will have them back again to talk more about the next step in the journey, til then enjoy our little talk with the four members of this amazing Winnipeg band.

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